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About Zeltron

Zeltron Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Is Gujarat based company established in 2016. We are highly involving in manufacturing, marketing, import & export of Higher Antibiotics & Antifungals, Pain Management, Nutritional, Gastroenterology, Respiratory care and other therapies which are on pipeline.

All our products are manufacturing with in line compliance as quality standards set by the World Health Organization and also ensure Good Manufacturing Practice system for higher shelf life. Also our state of art warehouse and strong logistic support helps to maintain our quality of each product at par.

We believe in success and incessant growth by in clinical effectiveness and to be customer loyalty. We are tie up with leading global pharma manufacturing companies which approved by WHO-GMP facilities for development and distribution of products in Indian and outside Indian market like Philippines, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, China, Nepal and others.

We are organization who try to make your life healthier by innovation & new drug delivery system. Our injectable manufactured by technique called Lyophilization for faster action & higher shelf life of molecule. We are on pipeline to come up with technology called Pallet, Glatt, & Reverse osmosis used to manufacturing drugs.

Our Mission

We the Zeltronian committed to serve sustain profitable growth through innovation and long term relation.

Our Vision

Zeltron shall to be a leading global pharmaceutical organization by manufacturing affordable medicines with high quality assurance in cure



KV (U.K.) INVESTMENT LTD..Is listed in United Kingdom as a top most respective company and an open-ended investment company situated in the heart of United Kingdom; It is registered with Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, Company Number 10514415,under United Kingdom Standard Industrial Classification Code 64304. KV (U.K.) INVESTMENT LTD..Is the fastest growing investment venture providing highest working capital for rising companies in many countries. We at Zeltron Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, INDIA are honored to connect with KV (U.K.) INVESTMENT LTD., ENGLAND for working as an Investment Partner to grow our Pharmaceutical business in INDIA and worldwide together.


In drug manufacturing, a measure of excellence or a state of being free from defects, deficiencies & significant variations must be taken as a compliance for us.

It is brought about by strict and consistent commitment to maintain certain standards that achieve uniformly of a product in order to satisfy specific customers or user requirements.

WHO/GMP/EU/USFDA/MHRA& more… are those who strictly maintain standard defines quality as “the totally of features and characteristics of a product which bears its ability to satisfy bioavailability on the site of action.

Zeltron Pharmaceuticals maintain their standards and compliance by dealing with WHO/GMP certified manufacturing facilities.

"Our moto- High Quality Assurance in Cure"

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Our Talented Team

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Managing Director & CEO contact@zeltronpharma.com

Responsible for the performance of the Company, as dictated by the board’s overall strategy & directing towards profitable Growth and operation of the Company.

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Human Resource Management contact@zeltronpharma.com

Responsible for preparing or updating employment records related to hiring, transferring, promoting and terminating & Explaining Human Resources policies, procedures, laws and standards to new and existing employees in timely manner.

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Field Sales Executive tcontact@zeltronpharma.com

Responsible for Critical Care business at  TEAM ZELTRON TRANSFUZA 

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Field Sales Executive contact@zeltronpharma.com

Responsible for Critical Care business at TEAM ZELTRON TRANSFUZA

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SR.Field Sales Executive contact@zeltronpharma.com

Responsible for Critical Care business at TEAM ZELTRON TRANSFUZA

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SR.Field Sales Executive contact@zeltronpharma.com

Responsible for Critical Care business at TEAM ZELTRON TRANSFUZA